StorageTek SL500 Robot Repair & Exchange

StorageTek SL500 Robot Repair & Exchange

StorageTek SL500 repair Strategic Support Solutions offers both exchanges and repairs for the StorageTek / Sun SL500 Robot Assembly.

Need a maintenance contract for your SL500? You have come to the right place. Strategic Support Solution’s trained technicians are experts in everything StorageTek. Let us support your SL500. Request a quote today!

We provide sales, technical support, repair and maintenance for some of IT’s most intricate and complicated products: tape libraries and tape drives. The StorageTek SL500 Robot is no different.

Our trained technicians can service your STK SL500 Robot Assembly, or provide you with an Advance Replacement, in order to ensure little to no downtime for your StorageTek / Sun SL500 tape library.

STK SL500 Robot Assembly / Sun SL500 Robot Assembly Advance Exchange and Repair Services:

StorageTek SL500 Robot
• Advance exchange within the US and Canada
• Exchange – international
• 3 to 5 day repair turn around time
• Fully tested in a full SL500 configuration


Strategic Support currently works with these common StorageTek SL500 / Sun Sl500 part numbers: 

314558702, 314585007, 314587006, 419684601, 419685702, 419683602 , 003-2820-01, 314558703, 314558705, 314585004, 314585009, 3145587xx, 419929002, 4196846xx, 419929001, 003-2326-01, 419946801, 419683602, 7300852

StorageTek SL500 Tape Library Features and Information:

Oracle StorageTek SL500 Data Sheet

The StorageTek SL500 is a great enterprise level Modular Library System. The SL500 helps you to save time, space, and power, by consolidating multiple libraries and applications into one convenient  centralized location.

The robotic mechanism maintains reliability, regardless of the number of expansion modules, and helps increase the stability and predictability of backups.

Other Services:

• Free tech support
• Onsite T&M services available to assist you with the repair of your SL500
• Advance exchange on tape drives for the SL500
• SL500 Power supply repairs
• Annual maintenance contracts that cover all parts and labor for the term of your agreement

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