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StorageTek 4890 Tape Drive Repair

stk_4890_Tape_DriveThe Sun STK 4890 Tape Drive is a 36 track tape drive capable of reading and writing 18/36 track data. (3480, 3490, 3490E) The drive is ideal for data interchange, data conversion and backup under tough conditions, such as in automated libraries, like the M490L, 9714, 9722, and the 9710.

The STK 4890 is an ultra-fast, robust, and well-proven tape drive. It is both forward and backward compatible and ideal for data interchange and backup in automated tape libraries, which often require 100% duty cycles. This drive comes with outstanding double-speed performance, superior mainframe technology and worldwide interchange standards to midrange users, at a very affordable price. as well as in a compact 8-inch format, making it the smallest of it’s class. Its many connectivity and emulation capabilities range from PCs to mainframes. The full air-bearing tape path features no-contact, pressurized fixed heads, and two tape conditioners. This means that the tape floats in a packet of air, designed for minimal tape wear and friction. Strategic Support Solutions can take care of all your SUN StorageTek 4890 tape drive needs. Whether you are looking for parts, excahnges, or repair.

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Model #P/NAlt P/N DescriptionParts SalesParts ExchangeParts Repair
4890-001130913122390AIR PUMP ASSYyesyesyes
4890-001131800122430DIGITAL DATA PCB (DDP)yesyes 
4890-001129823128515HEAD PLATE ASSYyesyesyes
4890-001131050129810SCSI PCByesyes 
4890-001122600 LACE WHEEL SENSORyes  
4890-001129204 BUTTON PAD, FRT PANELyes  
4890-001129153 COMPLETE LWR MOLDINGyes  
4890-001130861 BUTTON CAPSyes  
4890-001130862 DC SWITCH, w/spring & c-clipyes  
4890-001129591 LOWER MOLD FILTERyes  
4890-001129590 UPPER MOLD FILTERyes  
4890-001130932 RFI PLATE, DT MODELyes  
4890-001129040 OP PANEL INLAYyes  
4890-001129319 LATCH MOTORyes  
4890-001132920 LATCH PCB, LOAD MECHyes  
4890-001129213 POWER SUPPLYyesyes 
4890-001550504 CROWN WHEELyesyesyes
4890-001129215 FAN ASSYyes  
4890-001122384 LACE WHEEL ASSEMBLYyes  
4890-001129217 MAIN FILTER ASSY, w/bracket & air solenoidyes  
4890-001129520 AIR FILTER (ONLY)yes  
4890-001129220 PRE-AMPLIFIER ASSYyes  
4890-001129240 DEVICE CONTROL yesyes 
4890-001129270 READ PCByesyes 
4890-001129328 TAKE UP MOTORyes  
4890-001129368 GEAR BOXyesyesyes
4890-001129327 SUPPLY MOTORyes  
4890-001129570 SYSTEM PCByesyes 
4890-001129603 AIR SOLENOIDyes  
4890-001129660 LOADING MECHANISMyesyesyes
4890-001129680 MOTHER BD (S/N>125)yes  
4890-001129690 FRONT PANEL(S/N>125)yes  
4890-001130904 UPPER MOLDING (ONLY)yes  
4890-001131286 MOLDING FRM FRONTyes  
4890-001131287 MOLDING FRM REARyes  
4890-001130970 MOTHER BD 4M/Syesyes 
4890-001131060 SYSTEM PCB FIPSyesyes 
4890-001131720 READ PCB 4M/Syesyes 
4890-001130871 LOWER MOLDING (ONLY)yes  
4890-001130306 FIPS PCByesyes 
4890-001128507 TAKE UP HUByes  
4890-001131783 COMPLETE UP. MOLDyes  
4890-001131870 DDP PCB 4M/Syesyes 
4890-001131960 SYSTEMS PCB 4M/Syesyes 
4890-001132520 PRE-AMP PCB 4M/Syesyes 
4890-001132800 SCSI PCB 4M/Syesyes 

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