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M4 Data 9914V Tape Drive

9914V-Tape-DriveThe 9914V tape drive unit The 9914V has the same industry leading features as its horizontal counterpart including Reading and writing in quad density, Dual-speed transfer rate of 125 and 42 inches per second (ips), Optional dual-speed transfer rate model of 150 and 75 ips, Fast rewind speed at 320 ips, Buffered Pertec/Cipher or SCSI interface, and Burst rates as high as 10 megabytes/second and an extensive diagnostic capability. Strategic Support Solutions can take care of all your 9914V tape drive needs. Whether you are looking for parts, exchanges, or repair.

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9914V120889 TACHO ROLLERyesyesyes
9914V120910 EOT/BOT PCByesyesyes
9914V121010 TENSION ARM PCByes  
9914V121710 ADP PCByesyes 
9914V121851 FUSE KITyes  
9914V121908 COOLING FANyes  
9914V123056 POWER SWITCHyes  
9914V123240 FRONT/REAR ROLLERyes  
9914V125420 S/E SCSI PCB 512K BUFFERyesyes 
9914V125421 DIFF SCSI PCB 512K BUFFERyesyes 
9914V125422 DIFF SCSI PCB 512K BUFFERyesyes 
9914V125431 ENHANCE SCSI 2MB BUFFERyesyes 
9914V125434 S/E ENHANCED SCSI 2MByesyes 
9914V123606 TENSION SPRINGyes  
9914V123670 SWITCH MEMBRANEyes  
9914V123702 PERTEC CACHE PCByesyes 
9914V123910 TENSION ARM ROLLERyes  
9914V124581121884PRE-AMP PCByes  
9914V124960 MOTHER BDyes  
9914V125010 SWITCH FACIAyes  
9914V125147 SUPPLY HUByesyesyes
9914V125150 SUPPLY REEL MOTORyes  
9914V125151 HUB SENSOR PCByes  
9914V125154 TRANSFORMER ASSYyes  
9914V125293 IN-CHUTE SENSOR PCByes  
9914V125366 TAPE PATH ASSYyesyesyes
9914V125370 SERVO PCByesyesyes
9914V125690 LOAN FAN MOTOR ASSYyes  
9914V125691 TAKE UP REEL MOTORyes  
9914V125700123340POWER SUPPLYyesyesyes
9914V125920123620DDP PCByes  
9914V125950123638DATA CONTROL PCByesyesyes

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