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Overland Tape Library & Drive Repair & Maintenance

Overland Tape Library Service RepairEnsure the performance of Overland Tape Library and Drive with Service and Repair provided by Strategic Support Solutions. We have maintenance, service, repair and break / fix options for all Overland tape libraries and drives. Strategic Support has the inventory and hands-on experience troubleshooting issues with Overland tape libraries and tape drives.

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Overland NEO 2000 Tape Library Repair MaintenanceWe offer service, repairs and maintenace contracts for the following Overland Tape Libraries:

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Strategic Support Solutions offers Annual Maintenance Contracts ranging from 5 x 9 x Next Day to 7 x 24 x 4 for the most popular Overland tape libraries and drives.

Onsite Repair (Business, Weekend and After Hours)

Strategic Support Solutions provides on-site repair services without your Overland Tape Library or tape drive ever leaving your location. Contact us at to get a quote.

Depot Repair

Be confident that your Overland Tape Library picker assembly, tape drive, power supply or other tape library part that is sent to Strategic Support Solutions will be fixed. We will inspect it, determine the issue, and present an estimate for repair and the time it will take. The techs at Strategic Support will then perform the repairs and return the tape library or part safely and quickly.

Time and Materials Service

Haven’t decided if you want a maintenance contract on your tape storage equipment, but need repairs? Strategic Support Solutions offers Time and Materials Services for only the labor and parts used. Call 866-994-4235 or send us an email for more information.

Need A Spare? Call Strategic Support Solutions!

Technical Telephone Support (Business and After Hours)

Strategic Support Solutions will be your tech team’s backup! With our Technical Telephone Support program your IT staff has over 20 years of tape library and drive maintenance and repair available to them – just a phone call away. Strategic Support can walk them through troubleshooting and repairs for tape libraries and tape drives.

Self Maintainence Programs

Strategic Support Solutions helps the busy data center staff maintain their own tape libraries and drives with our Self Maintenance Programs. We will provide a kit with the most frequently replaced and repaired items for your tape libraries and drives. If you use a part, then you just ship it to us and we’ll send you a replacement so you’re always ready. Ask about our Spares Kits!

Our staff has hands-on experience with top tape manufacturers: