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Onsite Services

Strategic Support Solutions offers the Professional Services that your company requires to keep your tape libraries and drives in your data center at optimum operating effeciency. Our offerings include:

Hardware Support & Upgrades

Strategic Support Solutions can assist in implementing hardware upgrades in your data center. Whether you are installing new or used tape libraries, tape drives, disk storage systems or network applications, we will assist you in the migration and installation. We can also provide competitive pricing on disk arrays, network management tools, tape libraries, drives, parts, accessories and options – making the most of your IT budget.


When you upgrade a portion of the drives in your tape library, the existing drives may need reconfigured. Strategic Support Solutions can help with that. Our technicians will make certain that your existing data storage equipment is communicating with the new, keeping your company’s data safe and secure.

Equipment Installation

Have you purchased new Sun, StorageTek, Quantum, ADIC, Overland, IBM, HP or Dell equipment for your data center? Do you need a professional technician to install it to ensure that it will work properly and communicate with your existing hardware and software? We will make certain your new tape library or tape drives are up and running.

De-Installation / Relocation of Existing Equipment

Strategic Support Solutions can assist you in the de-installation, removal; take out, move or relocation of Sun, StorageTek, Overland, Quantum, ADIC, Dell, IBM, or Hewlett Packard tape libraries in your data center. Count on the professionals at Strategic Support to make the transition smooth and pain free.


Has your data center been the receiving point for storage equipment from other areas of the company? Is it time to consolidate what you’re using to maximize your time and efforts? Call Strategic Support Solutions at 866-994-4235. We’ll help you map out a plan to transition your data to the most effective and useful equipment in your data center.

Our staff has hands-on experience with top tape manufacturers: