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Tape Library Self Maintenance Spares Kits

Strategic Support Solutions assists IT managers and staff with our Tape Library Self Maintenance Spares Kits. Parts and components are on-site at your facility, minimizing data backup downtime. The kits contain all the essential field replaceable parts you need for assisted self maintenance – to handle standard repair and maintenance issues in tape libraries and drives.

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Strategic Support Tape Library Self Maintenance Spares Kits may include*:

Our Spares Kits with field replaceable parts are available for the following tape libraries and tape drives:

9310, 9710, 9714, 9730, L20, L40, L80, L100, L180, L700, L700e, L1000, SL500
Quantum   ADICQuantum ADIC
Scalar 24, Scalar 100, Scalar 218, Scalar 1000, Scalar i500, Scalar i2000, FastStor 2, M1500, M1800, M2500, P1000, P2000, P3000, P4000, P7000, PX502, PX506, PX720
PV120T, PV122T, PV124T, PV128T, PV130T, PV132T, PV13T, PV160T, ML6010, ML6020, ML6030
3490-F11, 3581-L28/L38, 3581-H23, 3583-L18/L36, TS3310
Hewlett Packard HP
SureStore 2/20, SureStore 4/40, SureStore 10/180, SureStore 20/700, MSL4048, MSL5030, MSL5052, MSL6030, MSL6060, ESL9595
SDX300 AIT1, Sony SDX500 AIT2, Sony SDX700 AIT3,Sony SAIT

* Spares Kits are custom configured to each client’s specifications and needs. The items listed are merely examples of some typical field replaceable parts that are included.

Our staff has hands-on experience with top tape manufacturers: