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Data keeps your business running. Every day, your servers store information that’s essential to your operations, information that you’ll likely need tomorrow and in years to come. But what happens when disaster strikes and your data is lost or corrupted? Protect your data from the unexpected with Datto, a disaster recovery product equipped to combat any unforeseen catastrophe.

This on-site/cloud hybrid solution connects your servers in the office to a cloud backup server. The information is stored in both locations, allowing you to rest easy knowing your data is safe. Unlike other disaster recovery programs, there’s no lag time between an incident occurring and gaining access to your stored data.

If you have an internet access, you can instantly connect to your virtual server.There’s no need to download information from a remote server, which can take hours or days. Give your data and your company the disaster protection it deserves. Trust your information to Datto as your insurance against disaster.

It’s so simple for you or your company to get hacked, and Boom. The lights go out. Your database is compromised, your admin passwords are all changed. You effectively have no control over your entire network. This should be at the top of all business owners list of fears. A complete hack of their network and files.

It’s much easier than you think, and it happens much more than you think. Don’t just take us at our word though, check out these real world examples of just how easy it is both articles were published in 2017.

Now what if there was a way to switch the lights back on, be back in control, and up and running in under 15 min? Enter Datto.

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Strategic Support Solutions, eats, sleeps, and breathes Datto products. This is because we value our vast amount of data, and if we ever lost it, we would most likely be out of business by the end of the week.


If data is important to your business, you are a target.

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