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Dell 740N Disk Array

Dell PowerVault 740N Storage Array

Strategic Support Sells and repairs the Dell PowerVault 740N Disk Array. Need maintenance? We offer industry leading maintenance contracts with 24/7 support. We also offer phone support. Call Us Today at (866) 994-4235.

The Dell 740N Disk Array integrates security and cross platform file sharing services to easily support a wide range of computing platforms, therefore reducing costs and ease administration. It is
compatible with operating systems Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, NetWare, Linux and Macintosh. The Dell 740N StorageArray is truely an all in one solution, as it offers exceptional performance for its price, including:
• Initial costs reduced compared to those of a universal server
• No client license fees: you can expand your customer base at no extra cost
• Simplified architecture, designed to minimize downtime and simplify maintenance
• Several models offer the capability and configuration options to suit your budget and your needs

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