ADIC Tape Library & Drive – Service & Repair

ADIC Scalar i2000 Tape Library Repair Maintenance

ADIC Tape Library Repair and Maintenance

Quantum ADIC Scalar i2000 Tape Library Repair and Maintenance is just a phone call away with Strategic Support Solutions. We have the hands-on experience and inventory with ADIC Scalar i2000 tape libraries and tape drives.

Time and Materials Service

ADIC Scalar i2000 Tape Library RepairNeed a tape drive or an ADIC i2000 library repaired or need a tape experienced technician on-site? Strategic Support Solutions offers several options to charge our clients just for the time spent and parts used. Call 866-994-4235 for more information on your Quantum Scalar i2000 or Adic Scalar i2o00.

Depot Repair

Send your ADIC i2000 tape library, power supply, tape drive, picker assembly, or other part in to Strategic Support Solutions. We will evaluate it, determine the issue and provide an estimate for repair.

Self Maintainence Programs

Strategic Support Solutions is the perfect partner to help busy staff perform maintenance on ADIC tape libraries and drives. Ask about our Spares Kits!

Annual Maintenance ContractsNeed A Spare? Call Strategic Support Solutions!

Strategic Support Solutions offers Annual Maintenance Contracts for ADIC Scalar i2000 tape library and other ADIC models. Our programs run from 5 x 9 x Next Day to 7 x 24 x 4. We have a maintenance solution that is right for your needs.

Onsite Repair (Business, Weekend and After Hours)

Strategic Support Solutions can be on-site for repairs and service for the ADIC Scalar i2000 tape library or tape drives. Contact us at to get a quote.

Technical Telephone Support (Business and After Hours)

Technical Telephone Support is available for the Quantum/ADIC Scalar i2000 Tape Library from Strategic Support Solutions. We can support to your IT staff, walking them through troubleshooting and repairs for ADIC Scalar i2000 and other tape libraries and tape drives.

Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPart SalesPart ExchangesRepair
9-01177-039-01177-XXRCU CARDyesyesyes
9-01191-029-01191-XXMCB CARD, WITHOUT COMPACT FLASHyesyes
9-01024-01 LBX CARDyes
9-01167-029-01167-012GB FIBRE CHANNEL BLADE 6404yesyes
9-01499-01 4GB FIBRE CHANNEL BLADE 7404yesyes
9-01174-029-01174-XXCMB CARD W/COMPACT FLASHyesyesyes
9-00802-029-00802-01DISPLAY PANELyesyesyes
9-01154-029-01154-01GRIPPER, LTOyesyesyes
9-01155-029-01155-01GRIPPER, MULTI-MEDIAyesyesyes
1-0074-101-0074-XXPSU 48V 2000Wyesyesyes
9-01096-018-00139-02IBM LTO1 SCSI DRIVEyesyesyes
9-01095-018-00138-02IBM LTO1 FC DRIVEyesyesyes
8-00194-028-00194-XXIBM LTO2 SCSI DRIVEyesyesyes
8-00193-028-00193-XXIBM LOT2 SCSI DRIVEyesyesyes
8-00246-018-00246-XXIBM LOT2 FC DRIVEyesyesyes
9-01270-01 IBM LOT3 FC 4GB DRIVEyesyesyes
9-01235-029-01235-01HP LOT3 FC DRIVEyesyesyes
9-01387-01 HP LOT3 FC 4GB DRIVEyesyesyes
9-01099-018-00255-01SDLT320 LVD SCSI DRIVEyesyesyes
9-01100-028-00256-02SDLT600 FC DRIVEyesyesyes
8-00500-01HP LTO4 FCHP LTO4 FC DRIVEyesyesyes
8-00486-01 IBM LTO4 FC DRIVEyesyesyes
8-00487-01 IBM LTO4 SCSI LVDyesyesyes


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