Datto (Disaster Recovery & Backup)

Datto Backupify

Datto Backupify
The SaaS Data Protection Platform

Datto Backupify is the industry leading cloud-to-cloud total data protection platform. Specially designed for software as a service application.

Nearly two million business customers rely on Datto Backupify to protect SaaS data. Users can easily protect all of their cloud computing, such as Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce data. All this data is stored in the secure Datto Cloud. 

The Datto Backupify is capable of restoring lost or corrupted files in a matter of seconds, by using extremely user intuitive admin interface. 

Automated backups can be scheduled up to three times daily, and additional backups can be created manually anytime on demand. Restore single files, objects or even complete accounts! The Datto Backupify is guaranteed to get you back up and running, and back to business within a matter of minutes.

Popular SaaS applications such as Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce all still rely on the recovery of data from the recycle bin. This means that once the recycle bin is manually or automatically purged, your data is gone…forever. Enter Datto Backupify..

Datto Backupify

The Datto Backupify ensures that all of your business-critical data is always backed up seamlessly. Easily restored quickly, and guaranteed to be protected securely.

This gives companies more authority to manage and own their data, instead of relying on 3rd party companies. Whether your filing financial reports, resolving legal issues, or just plain managing your day-to-day operations, just knowing that all of your data is safe and secure, and always available on the secure Datto Cloud.


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