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De-Installation – Removal & Recycling


Our trained staff specializes in environmentally friendly de-installation and removal of EMC, NetApp, IBM, and Hitachi disk arrays, among many more.

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Strategic Support Solutions regularly de-installs and moves many EMC Disk Arrays & Parts. Here are some of the more popular models we encounter:

EMC DMX EMC Symmetrix DMX Architecture
DMC VMAX EMC VMAX Enterprise Storage
EMC VNX EMC VNX Family. Flexible Unified Hybrid Flash Storage
EMC VNXe EMC VNXe is a Unified Storage Solution for SMB and lower mid-market organizations and remote/branch offices (ROBO)
EMC ClARiiON CX4 EMC CLARiiON CX4 Networked Storage. Drive down costs while improving service levels in virtual and physical environments


NetApp V Series

NetApp Disk Array

Have a NetApp Disk Array? We deinstall, recycle, and relocate those as well. Here are some of the most common NetApp disk Array de-installations:

NetApp V Series NetApp V-Series Storage Virtualization Controllers.
NetApp FAS900 The FAS900 Disk Array family is suited for the performance and scalability requirements of mission-critical enterprise applications.
NetApp FAS6000 NetApp FAS6000 unified storage for your largest enterprise applications and most demanding technical workloads.
NetApp FAS3000 NetApp FAS3000 Series. For primary and secondary storage with simultaneous block and file serving over Fibre Channel and Ethernet networks.
NetApp FAS2000 The NetApp FAS2000 series is an entry-level storage systems for midsize organizations.
NetApp FAS200 NetApp FAS200 series arrays are enterprise-class storage solutions. The series provides all of the software functionality enabled by Data ONTAP and is completely compatible with, and upgradeable to all NetApp systems
NetApp F80 NetAPP F80 series – Integrated automatic RAID manager, Snapshot feature, Fast Boot, telnet, e-mail alerts, NIS, DNS, SNMP, WebBrowser Management Console.
NetApp F800 NetApp F880c NetApp F840c NetApp F820c NetApp F810c NetApp Enterprise Filer.
NetApp F700 NetApp F720 NetApp F740 NetApp F760 – NetApp F700 Series Filer


IBM Disk Array

InStock’s highly trained technicians have the tools and experience necessary to deinstall, recycle, remove or relocate your IBM Disk Arrays. Popular Arrays we deal with are:

IBM DS3400



IBM DS8300 IBM System Storage DS8000 series
IBM DS6000 IBM TotalStorage DS6000 Series
IBM DS5300 IBM TotalStorage DS5300 – Designed for Mid-Range and Departmental Storage Needs
IBM DS5100 IBM TotalStorage DS5100 – High-Functionality, Mid-Range Disk Storage Solution
IBM DS4800 IBM TotalStorage DS4800 Midrange Disk System – TotalStorage DS4800 Model 82 and Model 84
IBM DS4700 IBM System Storage DS4700 Express Storage Subsystem.
IBM DS3400 IBM System Storage DS3400 Storage Subsystem. – Most advanced front-end 4 Gbps FC technology
Hitachi AMS2300 Hitachi Disk Array

Let Strategic Support relocate or remove your Hitachi Disk Arrays Today! Our trained Disk Array Deinstallation specialists are standing by. Most common Hitachi disk Array de-installations:

Hitachi VSP Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform.
Hitachi AMS2500 The Hitachi AMS 2500 is capable of scaling capacity to 1,417TB and delivering performance up to 900K IOPS with connectivity for up to 2048 virtual server ports. It has 32 concurrent disk I/O paths providing 9600MB/s of total system bandwidth.
Hitachi AMS2300 The Hitachi AMS 2300 has the ability to scale capacity to 708TB and can deliver performance of up to 400K IOPS. It supports connectivity to 2048 virtual server ports and is able to intermix high-performance SAS drives and cost optimized SATA drives in the same system. This system has 16 concurrent disk I/O paths providing up to 4800MB/s of total system bandwidth.
Hitachi AMS2100 The Hitachi AMS 2100 has the ability to scale capacity to 469TB and delivers performance of up to 400K IOPS. This storage system has 16 concurrent disk I/O paths providing up to 4800MB/s of total system bandwidth. It has connectivity for up to 1024 virtual server ports and supports the intermix high-performance SAS drives and cost optimized SATA drives in the same system for tiered storage solutions. It can attach to both Fibre Channel and iSCSI storage networks.
Hitachi AMS1000 Hitachi AMS1000 TagmaStore Adaptable Modular Storage. – For medium to large businesses. The Hitachi AMS1000 provides a very flexible, scalable, cost-effective modular storage system.
Hitachi AMS500 Hitachi AMS500 TagmaStore Adaptable Modular Storage The AMS500 is a scalable, high-performance, high-availability, midrange storage platform bringing enterprise-grade storage features to small and medium-sized business environments.
Hitachi AMS200 Hitachi AMS200 TagmaStore Adaptable Modular Storage. – For small and medium-sized businesses. The AMS200 offers a highly scalable, reliable, and cost-effective platform.
Hitachi LIGHTNING Hitachi Lightning 9900 V Series Enterprise Storage Systems. – Hitachi Lightning 9970V Disk Array
Hitachi THUNDER Hitachi Thunder 9500 V Series Modular Storage Systems. – Hitachi Thunder 9570V and Thunder 9585V

Strategic Support Solutions cares about the environment. That’s why we strive to reduce the carbon footprint of organizations and decrease pollution and waste that the disposal of Disk Arrays can produce. That us why we offer environmentally friendly and totally green recycling.


Our staff has hands-on experience with top tape manufacturers: