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M4 Data Tape Drive Products

Strategic Support Solutions offers sales, support, repair, maintenance, and advanced exchanges on all M4 data products. Whether you need a drive repaired, or an on site maintenance contract, Strategic Support has you covered for all your M4 data storage needs. For more information, on M4 data such as our parts list, click the corresponding part numbers below, or fill out the convenient form.

9914 Tape Drive

9914-Tape-Drive9-track quad-density (800, 1600, 3200, 6250bpi) reel to reel drive. The 9914 is a quad density 9-track tape system that is designed for complete data interchange, data conversion, and seismic data processing. The 9914 tape drive is comprised of a horizontal 9-track open reel tape drive, that easily supports all four of the IBM/ANSI/ECMA sanctioned recording formats: 800 (NRZ), 1600 (PE), 3200 (DPE), and 6250 (GCR) bit per inch. The 9914 tape drive is considered a very powerful yet user friendly tape drive. It uses a straight tape path along with an air loading system which helps to allow the tape to be loaded automatically without much work from the user. This allows the 9914 drive to be put on line in a very short amount of time. The 9914 tape drive accepts all standard tape reel sizes.

9914V Tape Drive

9914V-Tape-DriveVertical mount, 9-track quad-density (800, 1600, 3200, 6250bpi) reel to reel drive. The 9914V tape drive is derived from the very successful
horizontal version, the 9914 tape drive. The 9914V tape drive is perfect for cabinets with depths of less than 10 inches (229 mm)

M490E tape drive

M490E-Tape-Drive18/36 track cartridge drive. The M490E tape drive is also known as the StorageTek STK 4890 tape drive. The M490E tape drive is capable of reading 18/36 track and writing 36 track data. (3480, 3490, 3490E) This tape drive is ideal for data interchange, data conversion and backup, and is built to run under very tough conditions. The M490E fits into automated tape libraries, like the M490L, 9714, 9722, and the 9710.

M490L tape autoloader

M490L-Tape-Autoloader18/36 track 15 cartridge autoloader. The M490L tape autoloader, is also known as the StorageTek STK 9712 and StorageTek STK 9722. The M490L is a 15 cartridge 36 track tape autoloader. This autoloader has outstanding performance and is double speed of the competiition. The M490L tape autoloader is based on the well established M490E tape drive.The M490L can be fitted with one or two M490E 36 track drives, permitting storage of over 40 GB of data per hour.

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