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Storage Array Batteries

Strategic Support carries a wide variety of disk array batteries for new and older model LSI, IBM, Sun, NetApp and SGI storage arrays. Call us today for pricing and availability at (866) 994-4235

Storage Array Batteries





Download this Storage Array Battery Compatibility List in PDF format for your convenience

Strategic Support Solutions’ trained technicians are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Storage Array and Disk Array Batteries. We carry replacement batteries for most of the top storage array / disk array models. Some of the more popular models that Strategic Support sells replacement batteries for are:

2200-PBAT-VMET (Battery CRU LSI 2772 Controller Based Storage), 1000-P049-VMET (Battery CRU LSI 4766 & 4774 Controller Based Storage), 1250-P054-VMET (Battery CRU LSI 4884 & 5884 Controller Based StoraIBM ds4700ge), 22719-00 (Battery CRU LSI 3992 & 3994 Controller Based Storage), 44018-00 (Battery CRU LSI 4900 Controller Based Storage), 17093-02 (Battery CRU LSI 6998 (XBB1) Controller Based Storage), 37950-00 (Battery CRU LSI 7900 (XBB2) Controller Based Storage), 24232-00 (Battery SAS Smart BBU / LSI 3600 Series – 3Gbps SAS), 46381-00 (Battery SAS Smart BBU / LSI /NetApp Snowmass Series – 6Gbps SAS), 48619-00 (Battery SAS Smart BBU / NetApp Pikes Peak & Soyuz – 6Gbps SA)

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