i500 part numbers

i500 part numbers

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i500 Part Numbers

Part NumberAlternate
Part Number
DescriptionPart SalesPart
8-00370-02   8-00370-03  Quantum i500 Library Base Unityesyesyes
8-00372-01 Quantum i500 9U Expansion unityesyesyes
3-01989-11 LCB cardyesyesyes
3-01989-10 LCB cardyes
3-01992-12 Display Assemblyyes
3-01992-10 Display Assemblyyes
3-01838-11 Picker Assemblyyesyesyes
3-01838-10 Picker Assemblyyesyesyes
3-03485-13 Y-Axis Assemblyyes
3-03485-11 Y-Axis Assemblyyes
3-02206-11 I/E Lock Assemblyyes
3-02206-103-02206-11I/E Lock Assemblyyesyes
3-02742-03 Power Moduleyesyesyes
 3-02014-06  Fan Blade Moduleyes
3-01853-03 Box to Box Cableyesyesyes
8-00486-01 LTO4 FC 4GB w/sledyesyesyes
 LSC5H-UTDL-L4BA  LTO4 LVD SCSI w/sledyesyesyes
8-00405-019-01270-01IBM LTO3 FC 4GB w/sledyesyesyes
8-00303-049-00747-03IBM LTO3 FC 2GB w/sledyesyesyes
8-00406-019-01272-01IBM LTO3 LVD SCSI w/sledyesyesyes
8-00304-049-00749-03Quantum LTO3 SCSI LVD w/sledyesyesyes
8-00301-01 LTO2 FC w/sled - FRUyesyesyes
8-00302-01 LTO2 LVD SCSI w/sledyesyesyes
LSC5H-UTDM-L4BA  HP LTO4 SAS yesyesyes
LSC5H-FTDU-L5HQ  HP LTO5 FC yesyesyes
LSC5H-FTDM-L5HQ  HP LTO5 SAS yesyesyes
3-04300-10  Scalar i500 picker assembly yesyesyes
3-03400-10  Scalar/ML6000 picker assembly yesyesyes
8-00500-01  HP LTO4 FC yesyesyes
9-01487-01 & 9-01487-03 I500 IBM LTO4 SAS yesyesyes
9-01668-02 I500 IBM LTO4 SAS, Q-EKM enabled yesyesyes
9-01486-01 & 9-01624-01 I500 HP LTO4 SAS yesyesyes

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