Dell PowerVault ML6000 Drive Upgrade

Dell PowerVault ML6000 Drive Upgrade

Looking to upgrade your Dell PowerVault ML6000 drives? Strategic Support Solution is the right choice for the job. Between our expert industry knowledge and our tough to beat competitive pricing. There are times when a company outgrows their storage capacity, and  they simply need to upgrade. Don’t upgrade your entire tape library, Strategic Support Solutions can save Dell Powervault ML6000you thousands of dollars just by upgrading your ML6000 drives.

With Strategic Support, you have the option of upgrading your Dell PowerVault ML6000 drives yourself, or allowing us to upgrade them for you. We make sure to come up with a solution custom tailored to your needs.

By upgrading your PowerVault ML6000 drives you will not only dramatically increase your capacity, but you will significantly increase your throughput as well, all without having to upgrade your entire tape library.

Strategic Support Solutions (S3) can upgrade your Dell PowerVault ML6000 drives from LTO3 to LTO5.  Upgrading to LTO5 will increase your capacity per cartridge by over 2TB’s and and you will see an increase in throughput of over 120MB/s. This option will save your company a lot of time and money while minimizing downtime and utilizing your original PowerVault ML6000 tape library with upgraded ML6000 drives. Call Strategic Support Solutions today at (866) 994-4235.

LibraryPart NumberHP or IBMDescription
ML6000, ML6010,
ML6020, ML6030
ML6000, ML6010,
ML6020, ML6030
FH570, HG433,
ML6000, ML6010,
ML6020, ML6030
8-00405-01, 9-00736-02,
9-01270-01, 9-01341-01,
LibraryPart NumberHP orIBMDescription
ML6000, ML6010,
ML6020, ML6030
8-00491-01, WN444IBMLTO4 FC
ML6000, ML6010,
ML6020, ML6030
8-00492-01, DU633,
LibraryPart NumberHP or IBMDescription
ML6000, ML6010,
ML6020, ML6030
8-00652-02, WFMPXIBMLTO5 FC
ML6000, ML6010,
ML6020, ML6030
057DHV, 57DHV,
8-00606-02, VHX41


The Dell PowerVault ML6000 family is designed with one thing in mind. To make sure that the storing of your most valuable files is as hassle free as possible, while being as secure as possible. The ML6000 is a versatile, enterprise level, modular tape library that always comes up in the top of the ratings for its class. The ML6000 is a long term investment due to the fact that you wont have to replace your library any time soon. When you run out of storage space, you can simply upgrade the ML6000 drives while leaving the library intact. This ensures minimal downtime and maximum bang for your buck. The ML6000 family uses LTO3, LTO4 and is even upgradable to LTO5. Both the tape drives and media come with write-once, read-many (WORM) capability

The Dell PowerVault ML6000 tape  library is pretty much the exact definition of modular. With each 9U, 97-cartridge ML6000 Expansion Module, you can add up to a total storage capacity of a mind blowing 327 TB. The library is available preconfigured in several different models. 5U (ML6010), 14U (ML6020) or 23U (ML6030). You can continue to add additional 9U units to your stack without any compatibility issues whatsoever. It is a pretty effortless and uncomplicated procedure.

Library Configurations

  • PowerVault ML6010 CM (5U)
     Up to 41 cartridges
    Up to 2 tape drives
    Up to 6 mailbox cartridges
  • PowerVault ML6020 CM (14U)
    Up to 133 cartridges
    Up to 6 tape drives
    Up to 18 mailbox cartridges
  • PowerVault ML6030 CM (23U)
    Up to 225 cartridges
    Up to 10 tape drives
    Up to 30 mailbox cartridges
  • PowerVault ML6000 EM (9U)
    Up to 92 cartridges
    Up to 4 tape drives
  • ML6000 – 32U Config
    Up to 317 cartridges
    Up to 14 tape drives
    Up to 42 mailbox cartridges
  • ML6000 – 41U Config
    Up to 409 cartridges
    Up to 18 tape drives
    Up to 54 mailbox cartridges


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