Quantum Scalar i500 Drive Upgrade

Quantum Scalar i500 Drive Upgrade

The Quantum Scalar i500 is an LTO Ultrium Tape Library that has been designed for upgradeable drives. Let Strategic Support Solutions upgrade your Quantum i500 drives today.  If you are currently using a Quantum i500 tape library and you have a need for more capacity, or you need a shorter time range for your backups, you no longer need to replace your entire library. Strategic Support Solutions can save you thousands of dollars by upgrading your Quantum Scalar i500 tape drives.

Strategic Support Solutions (S3) can upgrade your Quantum i500 tape drives, and you can choose whether you replace the drives yourself or you have S3 replace them for you. We have the solution  that fits you best.

Upgrading your Quantum Scalar i500 drives will not only increase your capacity per tape cartridge but your throughput as well.  Don’t wait, upgrade your Quantum i500 drives today!

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Quantum Scalar i500 tape library

Quantum i500 tape library

LTO 3   
LibraryPart NumberHP or IBMDescription
i5008-00406-01, 9-01272-01, 9-01342-01, LSC5H-UTDL-L3BAIBMLTO3 LVD SCSI
i5003-03175-01, 8-00303-02, 8-00303-03, 8-00303-04, 9-00747-03, 9-00962-01IBMLTO3 FC 2GB
i5008-00405-01, 9-00736-02, 9-01270-01, 9-01341-01, LSC2K-UTDG-L3BA, UF-IN-LTO3-FCIBMLTO3 FC 4GB
LTO 4   
LibraryPart NumberHP or IBMDescription
i5008-00487-01IBMLTO 4 LVD SCSI
i5008-00486-01, 8-00504-01, 9-01481-01IBMLTO 4 FC
i5008-00500-01, LSC2K-UTDG-L4HAHPLTO 4 FC
i5008-00501-01HPLTO 4 SAS
i5009-01487-01, 9-01487-03, 9-01668-02, LSC5H-UTDM-L4BAIBMLTO 4 SAS
LTO 5   
LibraryPart NumberHP or IBMDescription
i5008-00603-01, 9-01936-01, LSC5H-FTDJ-L5HN, LSC5H-UTDJ-L5HA, LSC5H-FTDU-L5HNHPLTO5 FC
i5008-00605-04, LSC5H-UTDP-L5BAIBMLTO5 FC


The Quantum Scalar i500 is considered an  intelligent scalable tape library that is perfect for growing your  mid range storage environments faster and easier by using a much more reliable data protection system. The Quantum i500 works to combine a modular design with continuous robotics in order to literally provide industry leading scalability, performance, all with the utmost reliability. 

With the Quantum i500, you can be assured that you  have one of the most scalable, reliable, and extremely secure, high performance libraries. The Quantum i500 is definitely a  long term solution that will give you data protection for years into the future, using Strategic Support Solution’s ability to upgrade your Quantum i500 drives.


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