Quantum Tape Library & Drive Service & Repair

Quantum ADIC PX720 Service and Repair

Quantum-PX720-Tape-LibraryThe Quantum PX720 has the ability to up scale with the Capacity on Demand (CoD) feature. the PX720 is the perfect solution to satisfy the requirements of any IT professional’s tape library needs.

Strategic Support Solutions has the knowledge and materials to repair, replace, or exchange your Quantum PX720 tape library. With over 20 years of tape library experience, Strategic Support will get the job done the fist time and make sure your data is safe. We also offer maintenance conracts for the PX720 library. Call us today at (866) 994-4235 or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Part NumberAlternate
Part Number
DescriptionPart SalesPart
6434706-020515059SCSI LVD HBA (Dual Channel)yesyes
6445310-036442501-01 Robotics Assemblyyesyesyes
6445311-016442605-01 Y-Axis Motor Assemblyyes
6445312-010645135 Y-Axis Beltyes
6445313-03 6441000-01Cabinet Controller PWAyesyes
6445314-01 6442040-01ASSY, OCP, MAKOyes
6445315-01 6443240-01ASSY,LP SLND RELEASE MECH, LEFTyes
6445315-026443240-02 ASSY,LP SLND RELEASE MECH, RIGHTyes
6445316-01 6440500-01Drive Cluster Assembly, SDLT/LTO (DC200)yesyes
6445317-01 6441030-01Drive Cluster Interface PWAyesyes
6445317-04 6441030-04Drive Cluster Controller, L3, S4yes
6445318-026494534-03Power Supply Moduleyes
6445319-02 6494534-01Power Supply Assemblyyes
6445320-01 6443227-01AC Fail-Over Boxyes
6445321-01 6441100-01Cabinet Light PWAyes
6445322-02 6440501-06Drive Canister, SDLT-320 LVDyesyesyes
6445323-01    6440503-01Drive Canister, HP-LTO2yesyesyes
6445324-01    6442028-01  CA ASSY,LP/PNL SNSRyes
6445326-016440507-01Drive Canister, HP-LTO2, FCyesyesyes
6445327-016442000-01Fan Assy, Cabinet Controlleryes
6445328-016442000-01Fan Assy, Drive Clusteryes
6445329-010815044FRU,SCSI LVD HBA (SNGL CH) (CM210)yesyes
6445330-010515080 FRU,FC HBA (DUAL CHANNEL)yesyes
6445331-016440600-01FRU, CARDCAGE ASSEMBLY (CC220)yesyes
6445333-016440613-01FRU, CARDCAGE FAN ASSEMBLYyes
6445334-036443206-01CAB CNTRL ASSYyes
6445335-046441005-01FRU, SMART MEDIAyes
6445336-016442006-01FRU, CA ASSY,RBTIC UMB CABLEyes
6445345-02 FRU, DRIVE CANISTER, S4, NFC, QTMyesyesyes
6440552-036440144-02DR CNSTR ASSY,SDLT600,V20,QTMyesyesyes
6497018-010515069FC HBA (Dual Channel)yesyes
6440501-01 SDLT320 LVD SCSI DRIVEyesyesyes
6440552-026440552-06SDLT600 LVD SCSI DRIVEyesyesyes
6440553-01 SDLT600 FC DRIVE (FIBRE DRIVE)yesyesyes
6440541-01 DLT-S4 FC DRIVE (FIBRE DRIVE)yesyesyes
6430510-01X7F-L2LLTO2 SCSI Driveyesyesyes
6440507-03X7U-L2JLTO2 FC DRIVE (FIBRE DRIVE)yesyesyes
6440555-03X7U-L3ULTO3 FC DRIVE (FIBRE DRIVE)yesyesyes
6440165-01X7F-L4JLTO4 FC DRIVE (FIBRE 4GB DRIVE)yesyesyes

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